Swift Street (2024)

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Swift Street follows 21-year-old street smart and spiritually Afro-punk Elsie who teams up with her jaded old-school hustler father, Robert to get him out of debt and save him from a merciless crime boss who wants he...

The Asunta Case (2024)

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On September 21st 2013 Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra report the disappearance of their daughter Asunta, whose body is found hours after next to a road outside Santiago de Compostela. The police investigation soo...

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (2024)

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Bon Jovi docuseries that will feature forty years of personal videos, unreleased early demos, original lyrics and never-before-seen photos that chronicle the journey from Jersey Shore clubs to the biggest stages on t...

Goodbye Earth (2024)

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As an asteroid hurtles towards Earth with nothing to stop it, one determined teacher fights to keep her former students safe — no matter the cost.

Knuckles (2024)

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Knuckles embarks on a hilarious and action-packed journey of self-discovery as he agrees to train Wade as his protégé and teach him the ways of the Echidna warrior.

The Grimm Variations (2024)

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Inspired by the classic Brothers Grimm stories, this anthology features six fairy tales with a dark twist, exposing the shadowy side of human desire.

Brigands: The Quest for Gold (2024)

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In the 19th century, when the southern lands of Italy are bandit territory, Filomena escapes her wealthy but sad life to lead a risky treasure hunt.

Dead Boy Detectives (2024)

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Two teen ghosts work alongside a clairvoyant to solve mysteries for their supernatural clientele — until a powerful witch complicates their plans.

Diarra from Detroit (2024)

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A divorcing, overworked teacher finds herself drawn into a cold case after a dating app matches her with a man she suspects is the adult version of a boy abducted in the 90s.

Our Living World (2024)

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This stunning nature series narrated by Cate Blanchett explores the intelligence, resourcefulness and interconnectedness of life on our planet.

Secrets of the Octopus (2024)

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Octopuses are like aliens on Earth: three hearts, blue blood and the ability to squeeze through a space the size of their eyeballs. But there is so much more to these weird and wonderful animals. Intelligent enough t...

Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise (2024)

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Sexy and sizzling with secrets, this seductive new docusoap follows a group of uber-rich and on-the-rise locals and expats navigating the rocky waters of their relationships, friendships, and careers in the paradise ...

Deliver Me (I dina händer) (2024)

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Snow falls softly over a desolate playground. A fourteen-year-old boy lays face down in front of a swing-set as his life drains out of the gaping wound in his head. Behind him stands his best friend, a warm gun in hi...

House of the Owl (2024)

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At the height of his career and powers, Japan's master fixer, who has guided politicians and business heads through some of Japan's biggest scandals, discovers that fixing his family is harder than fixing a country.

RoOT/Route of OddTaxi (2024)

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The hardened veteran detective Rena and bright-eyed rookie Sato take on a menial investigation. The job goes well until a thug named Dobu steals their evidence. Disheartened, they take a job looking into the life of ...

Red Eye (2024)

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London police officer DC Hana Li is escorting Dr Matthew Nolan back to Beijing where he has been accused of a crime. However, on board flight 357, she finds herself embroiled in an escalating conspiracy and a growing...

The Secret Score (La partitura secreta) (2024)

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Maya and her friends find a musical score that grants them magical powers. Together they try to keep it a secret, not knowing that someone with dark intentions is looking for it. As they go on adventures together, th...

Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller (2020)

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A 360-degree view of the trafficking world from the point-of-view of the traffickers, law enforcement agents and those caught in the crossfire with access only National Geographic can provide.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2024)

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The coming-of-age story of the Grace Family, as they move from New York to Michigan and into their family’s ancestral home. Upon arrival, the family not only uncovers mysteries hidden inside their great grandfather’s...

Orlando Bloom: To the Edge (2024)

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Orlando Bloom takes viewers on a thrilling journey of self-discovery as he pushes his limits physically and mentally in order to reach his personal edge of what is possible.

Whatever, Whenever (2024)

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An unattainable prize, the hidden truth, an attraction for someone already committed. Even the most difficult wishes can be fulfilled with just one call to the company Whatever, Whenever, which provides whatever you ...

Under the Bridge (2024)

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Reena Virk, a fourteen-year-old girl, went to join friends at a party and never returned home. Seven teenage girls and a boy were accused of the savage murder.

The Sympathizer (2024)

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An espionage thriller and cross-culture satire about the struggles of a half-French, half-Vietnamese communist spy during the final days of the Vietnam War and his resulting exile in the United States.

Dinner with the Parents (2024)

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When the loving but dysfunctional Langer family gets together for dinner each week, things always go horribly, hilariously wrong.

Midsummer Night (Midtsommernatt) (2024)

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Carina brings her family together for a traditional Swedish midsummer, but the happy occasion goes awry when long-held secrets start to come to light.

Baby Reindeer (2024)

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Based on a compelling true story, the hit 2019 Edinburgh Fringe one-man stage-play Baby Reindeer follows the writer and performer Richard Gadd's warped relationship with his female stalker and the impact it has on hi...

Franklin (2024)

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The drama will explore the thrilling story of one of the greatest gambles of Benjamin Franklin's career. At age 70, without any diplomatic training, Franklin convinced France - an absolute monarchy - to underwrite Am...

Good Times (2024)

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In this edgy, irreverent reimagining of the TV classic, a new generation of the Evans family keeps their heads above water in a Chicago housing project.

Fallout (2024)

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The story of haves and have-nots in a world in which there’s almost nothing left to have. 200 years after the apocalypse, the gentle denizens of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the irradiated hellscap...

Blood Free (2024)

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Ending millions of years of humans eating animal meat, BF now dominates the genetically engineered cultured meat market. There are people inside BF and outsiders who begin to have doubts about the path taken by BF CE...

White Lies (2024)

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Set in the wealthy neighbourhood of Bishopscourt, Cape Town, investigative journalist Edie Hansen gets caught up in the ugly underbelly that lies beneath the picturesque beauty of the city, dragging her back to a tur...

Anthracite (2024)

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An old case is wrenched open when a reporter goes missing, leading his web sleuth daughter to a small mountain town haunted by a sect, secrecy and death.