Exposure (2024)

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A photographer returns to her hometown after the death of her best friend, only to discover the hidden secrets of their relationship and the truth of the tragedy.

Past Lies (Las largas sombras) (2024)

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A group of women's lives are suddenly shaken by the appearance of a high school classmate who disappeared twenty-five years earlier on their senior trip.

Antihero (2024)

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Japan has a conviction rate of 99.9% for criminal cases that go to trial. A lawyer (Hiroki Hasegawa) is able to defeat those odds and obtain an acquittal for his client, even though there's conclusive evidence that s...

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams (2024)

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Tales of supernatural sci-fi phenomena unfold in this collection of seven mind-bending, interconnected stories imagined by writer-director Joko Anwar.

Presumed Innocent (2024)

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A horrific murder upends the Chicago Prosecuting Attorney's Office when one of its own is suspected of the crime—leaving the accused fighting to keep his family together.

Hierarchy (2024)

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The top 0.01% of students control law and order at Jooshin High School, but a secretive transfer student chips a crack in their indomitable world.

Star Wars: The Acolyte (2024)

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An investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master against a dangerous warrior from his past. As more clues emerge, they travel down a dark path where sinister forces reveal all is not what it ...

Who killed him? (¿Quién lo mató?) (2024)

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Through the points of view of the six people closest to him, the story of the unsolved murder of Mexican TV host Paco Stanley in 1999 is revealed behind the scenes where fame, betrayal and excess point to different s...

Eric (2024)

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A desperate father battles his demons on the vibrant, dangerous, and intoxicating streets of '80s New York in a race to bring home his missing son.

Nikita (2010)

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Nikita will stop at nothing to expose and destroy Division, the secret U.S. agency who trained her as a spy and assassin.

Maestro in Blue (2022)

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A musician goes to lead a festival on a scenic island, where he begins an unexpected romance and finds himself entwined in other people's problems.

The Marlow Murder Club (2024)

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Retired archaeologist Judith Potts lives alone in a faded mansion in the peaceful town of Marlow, filling her time by setting crosswords for the local paper. During one of her regular wild swims in the Thames, Judith...

The 8 Show (2024)

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Eight individuals trapped in a mysterious 8-story building participate in a tempting but dangerous show where they earn money as time passes.

The Prisoner (2009)

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The Prisoner is a 2009 television miniseries based on the 1960s TV series The Prisoner about a man who awakens in a mysterious, picturesque village from which there is no escape and wonders who made the village and w...

Bodkin (2024)

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Bodkin is a darkly comedic thriller about a motley crew of podcasters who set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three strangers in an idyllic, coastal Irish town. But once they start pulling at threa...

Dark Matter (2024)

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The series will follow, a physicist, professor, and family man who - one night while walking home on the streets of Chicago - is abducted into an alternate version of his life. Wonder quickly turns to nightmare when ...

Pyramid Game (2024)

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Every last Thursday of the month at an all-girls high school, the students of Class 2–5 cast their votes in a popularity poll. The results classify them into Grades A, B, C, D, and F. If they fall into Grade F, they ...

The Famous Five (2023)

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There's adventure around every corner with The Famous Five! Join Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy as they uncover mystery and excitement.

The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014)

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This series begins when two fishermen find the body of a local farmer in the river, and Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) is sent to the small rural town of Brokenwood to investigate the death with local ...

The Red King (2024)

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Smart, capable and by the book Grace Narayan was flying high as an inner-city police sergeant before being forced into a 'punishment posting' on the small, antiquated island of St. Jory. Confronted by the forgotten a...

Dead Boy Detectives (2024)

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Two teen ghosts work alongside a clairvoyant to solve mysteries for their supernatural clientele — until a powerful witch complicates their plans.

Diarra from Detroit (2024)

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A divorcing, overworked teacher finds herself drawn into a cold case after a dating app matches her with a man she suspects is the adult version of a boy abducted in the 90s.

Deliver Me (I dina händer) (2024)

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Snow falls softly over a desolate playground. A fourteen-year-old boy lays face down in front of a swing-set as his life drains out of the gaping wound in his head. Behind him stands his best friend, a warm gun in hi...

RoOT/Route of OddTaxi (2024)

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The hardened veteran detective Rena and bright-eyed rookie Sato take on a menial investigation. The job goes well until a thug named Dobu steals their evidence. Disheartened, they take a job looking into the life of ...

The Secret Score (La partitura secreta) (2024)

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Maya and her friends find a musical score that grants them magical powers. Together they try to keep it a secret, not knowing that someone with dark intentions is looking for it. As they go on adventures together, th...

Anthracite (2024)

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An old case is wrenched open when a reporter goes missing, leading his web sleuth daughter to a small mountain town haunted by a sect, secrecy and death.

Files of the Unexplained (2024)

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Eerie encounters, bizarre disappearances, haunting events and more perplexing phenomena are explored in this chilling investigative docuseries.

Wonderful World (2024)

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A mother who unfairly lost her young son, takes revenge against the perpetrator who has been forgiven by the law and heals her wounds.

Passenger (2024)

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In the small Northern village of Chadder Vale, a close-knit community is sent spinning on its axis following a series of strange and unnatural crimes. After arriving there five years ago, Former Met Police Detective ...

3 Body Problem (2024)

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The story of humanity's first contact with an alien civilization inspired by Liu Cixin's renowned novel.

Spooks (2002)

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Tense drama series about the different challenges faced by the British Security Service as they work against the clock to safeguard the nation. The title is a popular colloquialism for spies, and the series follows t...

Iron Reign (Mano de hierro) (2024)

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Joaquín Manchado rules his drug empire from Barcelona's seaport with an iron fist — until a new shipment sends business and family spiraling.